Offering Individual Therapy that Changes Your Life... One Relationship at a Time.
Genevieve  Rideout   M.A.  Licensed Mental Health Counselor


                 My counseling approach is eclectic as it focuses on both psychodynamic and existential theories.  The psychodynamic focus emphasizes the healing qualities of the relationship that develops between you and I.  This relationship is the primary context for change. Although we will spend most of our time looking at the issues that brought you into counseling, we will also look at relationships with significant people in your life such as family, friends, and God. 

The existential focus of my therapy focuses on who you are--your needs, desires, and pains.  We look at the complex relationship of all of these together in you.  We will also look at how you bring  these to your relationships--sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.  Seeking your needs & desires to be met, or pains healed by loved ones can bring great joy and also great pain.  Your counseling time will address the subsequent troubles that develop from this.

                I mainly use talk therapy in conjunction with homework assignments such as journaling  and practicing a cognitive skill or behavior.  I also counsel using Lifespan Integration Therapy. Lifespan Integration is a great technique which promotes rapid healing for who experienced abuse and/or neglect during childhood.

                One note:  I am a Christ Follower and I am a counselor. I certainly won't throw the Bible at you during our sessions if "religion" isn't your thing--well I won't even if it is your thing... that said,  I have met with many non Christian clients and believers of all denominations and enjoyed learning from and helping them all.  I want to see everyone-- believer or seeker or other, have a more healthy and productive life.  So, it's more about what you are comfortable with in your sessions.  I work with clients to address their pain on all levels-- emotional, spiritual, physical and relational.  To do this best I may consult with other counselors, medical doctors, and pastors, and I may refer a client to another professional. 

Genevieve Rideout MA LMHC
15446 Bel Red Rd Ste 430
Redmond, WA 98052

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